Registered Nurse/Developmental Disability Professional

Registered Nurse/Developmental Disability Professional (DDP)

DDP is responsible for direct supervision of IDD services and programs. The DDP is at the center of all discussion with family, individual, staff, guardians, administration and serves as liaison among all disciplines. Strong communication skills, problem solving skills, and leadership skills are critical to the success of a DDP. It is important for the DDP to possess knowledge of the community for area resourcesand feel comfortable in developing partnerships with other organizations and agencies. Most tasks are in the facility while others will take place in the community with individuals and direct support staff.

Professionals that qualify to be a Developmental Disability Professional include, but not limited to: Advanced Practice Nurse, Behavior Specialist, Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA), Behavior Consultant, Educator (degree with concentration in Special Education or teaching certificate).

Only applicants that meet the state regulated qualifications will be considered.



One to five years’ experience in treating/teaching persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities in a medical setting, community-based setting, or school setting.


CPR, Standard First Aid, Crisis Prevention Intervention Training, or specialized training from a practicum/internship experience with Intellectual/developmental disabilities

Professional Licenses

Licensed Registered Nurse

Must be able to pass Criminal History Records Check


  • Have responsibility for overseeing the delivery of waiver and/state services to individuals.
  • Deliver their services utilizing a Person-Centered Focus.
  • Follow specified schedule to meet the duties of the DDP and level of need for individuals receiving services, which includes but are not limited to:
  • Overseeing the services and supports provided to individuals
  • Monitors and/or participates in the implementation and delivery of the Individual Service Plan (ISP).
  • Supervises the delivery of service and ensures that strategies reflect the goals and objectives of the ISP.
  • Monitors the progress toward achievement of goals in the ISP, and makes recommendations for modification to the ISP, as appropriate.
  • Supervising the formulation of the individuals plan for delivery of all waiver services provided to the individual by the provider, on an annual basis subsequent to ISP development and after any ISP addendum
  • Ensures the implementation strategies reflect the ISP and the needs of the individual.
  • Participates in the development of the ISP.
  • Conducts functional assessments to support formulation of the individuals plan for delivery of all waiver services
  • Creates outcome measurement and quarterly summaries on assigned individuals
  • Face to Face assessments using person Center Approach
  • Involved in identifying ongoing supports as needed (medical and/or behavioral) in collaboration with appropriate personnel
  • Complete the SIS, HRST, and ISP trainings by DBHDD. In addition to any others as needed or required, if qualified.
  • Supervising high intensity services that address health and safety risks for the individuals that include:
  • Reviewing and the implementation and effectiveness of the Behavior Support Plan or Crisis Plan.
  • Track, revise, and ensure training of target behaviors and replacement behaviors to all staff
  • Communicates with providers and service monitors
  • DDP is involved in identifying ongoing supports as needed (medical and/or behavioral) in collaboration with appropriate personnel.
  • Meets assigned responsibilities utilizing Performance Indicators:
  • Active participation in the planning meeting documented in either the meeting minutes/notes and/or progress notes prior to ISP meeting.
  • Documented contact with the SC prior to the ISP date.
  • Consulted with, supervised, and provided guidance to direct support staff regarding implementation of the services.
  • DDP will complete documentation in any individuals record for any of the above responsibilities. This documentation should include the signature, title/credentials, timed (start and end time of delivery of service) and date.
  • Actively participate in replacement behavior outlines Role play development for each function level – high, moderate and profound

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